Yuleba & Jackson Revealed

Located 60km east of Roma, enjoy the charm of the small community town of Yuleba Qld while learning about the region’s history.

Take in artwork and relive the last horse drawn coach mail service from Surat to Yuleba in 1924 with a day trip along the Cobb & Co Way.

What To Do

A wonderful spot to pause, relax, enjoy a picnic, and delve into the cultural heritage of Jackson and its surrounding district. The presence of a historic shed and informative heritage panels adds an intriguing tribute to the pioneers who shaped the townships.

The Cobb & Co Festival takes place every five years.and celebrates the anniversary of the last horse-drawn coach service in Australia.

The Cobb & Co Festival will celebrate the centenary event in August 2024.

Immerse yourself in nature with a delightful picnic amidst local flora and fauna at a classic bush camping site just 5km from Yuleba.

Explore the intriguing artwork of an ex-serviceman, offering a captivating historical perspective on the society of yesteryear.

Delight in the artistic portrayal of the Cobb & Co Coach service, showcasing its fascinating journey from Surat to Yuleba.

Discover the ancient ingenuity of the Mandandanji Aboriginal people as they skilfully crafted wells from rocks to secure a reliable water source.


Visit the locally restored play shed off the Warrego Highway and relive the bygone years of the schoolyard.

There’s more than meets the eye in Roma – come and visit and let us reveal the treasures of Roma and the surrounding region.

• Tourist Drive 3: Jackson to Noonga ‘Country Insights Drive
• Tourist Drive 7: Cobb & Co Way
• Tourist Drive 2: Yuleba to Wallumbilla ‘Cattle Country Loop

Yuleba is famously known for the part it played in the last run of Cobb and Co Service in Australia in 1924.

Where to Stay

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Yuleba Hotel Motel

Warrego Highway, Yuleba

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07 4623 5211

Free Camping

Cobb & Co Park

Perry Street, Yuleba

Free Camping

Judd’s Lagoon

Moongool Rd (5km from Yuleba)

Donation Box

Free Camping

Judds Lagoon

Moongool Road, Yuleba

Free Camping

Old Yuleba

Moongool Rd, Yuleba

Free Camping

Old Yuleba

Moongool Road, Yuleba

Free Camping

The Maryanne

Yuleba Surat Road, Yuleba

Caravans welcome

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Yuleba Hotel Motel

07 4623 5211

Meals 7 days

Coffee Shop

Yuleba Roadhouse

Warrego Highway, Yuleba

07 4623 5001


General Store

Yuleba General Store