Mitchell Qld Revealed

Mitchell Great Artesian Spa

Located on the banks of the Maranoa River, 87km west of Roma, Mitchell Qld has enough Australian history to support its own miniseries. From the infamous Kenniff Brothers capture to Major Mitchell’s expedition across the region, follow the stories of yesteryear as you travel the region.

You won’t be stuck in the pages of a history book forever, take a break and rejuvenate the mind and body with a soak in the precious minerals from the Great Artesian Basin.

What To Do

Soak in the thermal mineralised waters of the Great Artesian Spa – naturally heated all year round.

Spin a Yarn is a display in the Amby Hall, which is a short 63km west of Roma. It has been curated by the the local CWA to celebrate 100 years of the branch. Discover the vibrant history of the local wool industry, and the triumph’s that shearers overcame in the 1890’s. All while showcasing over five different spinning wheels that can spin wool, with many different examples of wool and fibres. These include alpaca, camel, mohair, cotton, recycled cotton, recycled silk and feathers!

Enjoy a cuppa and a delicious scone at Spin a Yarn, open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

The Booringa Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the old Booringa Shire in Mitchell, Queensland. Open every day from Easter Saturday to the end of October, the museum welcomes visitors from 9 am to noon.

Established in 2006, the museum is a small, passionate volunteer community group. Their primary goal is to explore, document, and celebrate the heritage of the Booringa region in Queensland. By doing so, they aim to provide enjoyment for both present and future generations.

Located 35 kilometers west of Mitchell, Queensland, there exists a grove of ooline trees. Recognized for its appealing features, the ooline boasts vibrant green leaves and a unique bark with a distinctive tile-like pattern. In the past, ooline trees were abundant in the softwood scrubs of central Queensland, particularly in areas with bottle trees.

Prepare a delightful picnic, then take a short 5km drive to this renowned camping, fishing, and birdwatching spot nestled along the picturesque banks of the Maranoa River.

Yumba holds the rich history of Mitchell’s original Aboriginal settlement. Today, it serves as a sacred space for ceremonies, celebrations, and learning experiences.

See an artist’s impression of the capture of one of the Kenniff Brothers, and the monument commemorating members of the police force who fought the bushrangers throughout Australia.

The sculpture was designed by Peter Baulch and depicts two police officers standing over Patrick Kenniff, while an Aboriginal tracker turns his back to the scene.

The town of Mungallala may only have 136 residents, but it is worth a visit to the town’s only watering hole. Grab a coldie and spin the yarn with the locals to learn about the pub’s history, including the fire of 1917 which destroyed the original building.

Grab your needle and thread and learn the art of patchworking. Plan your visit for market open day where the community demonstrates their craft skills.

Between Roma and Mitchell  discover the whistlestop town of Muckadilla, or ‘Mucka’ as the locals call it. While in Muckadilla you can stop and see the Whistlestop Railway Siding, take a walk through the native gardens alongside the highway and let the children play in the  playground situated in the native garden.


Follow the trail to Neil Turner Weir along the banks of the Maranoa River.

Head to the banks of the Maranoa River behind the Heritage Museum on Elizabeth Street to the Cattle Grid Fence. Let the kids wander through the maze-like arrangement to the drum and musical grid in the centre

There’s more than meets the eye in Roma – come and visit and let us reveal the treasures of Roma and the surrounding region.

Like many of Queensland’s outback towns, the keen sense of community spirit in Dunkeld is both inspiring and humbling.
This easy two-hour drive, from Mitchell, takes in the historic Kenniff Monuments to the south of Mitchell and the community of Dunkeld before continuing through the stunning red soil landscapes and agricultural land of the back road to Muckadilla.

The Murray-Darling River is the third longest navigable river in the world, after the Amazon & The Nile. The Maranoa River flows through Mitchell QLD and is part of this system.

Mitchell township street names originally mapped East/West streets named after English Universities and North/South streets name after English Queens.

Where to Stay

Motels, Hotels & Caravan Parks

Cambridge Motel

20 Cambridge St, Mitchell

07 3180 2170

Motels, Hotels & Caravan Parks

Major Mitchell Caravan Park

Warrego Hwy, Mitchell

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07 4623 6600

Motels, Hotels & Caravan Parks

Mitchell Motel

7 Caroline St, Mitchell

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07 4623 1355


Hotel Richards

67 Cambridge St, Mitchell

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07 4623 1398

Free Camping

Fisherman’s Rest

Warrego Hwy. Mitchell (6km West from Mitchell)

Donation Box

Free Camping

Major Mitchell Campsite

Forest Vale Rd, Mitchell

Free Camping

Neil Turner Weir

River St, Mitchell

Donation Box

Farm Stays


Waroong-Tooloombilla Rd, Mitchell (52km north-east from Mitchell)

07 4623 2721

Farm Stays

Muckadilla Hall

Warrego Hwy, Muckadilla

Behind Hall – Donation Box

Farm Stays

Springhill Country Craft Retreat


4623 1601

Where to Eat


Hotel Mitchell

21 Cambridge Street, Mitchell QLD 4465


Hotel Richards

67 Cambridge St, Mitchell

(07) 4623 1398


The Mucka Pub

49122 Warrego Highway, Muckadilla


Coffee Shop

Bridge Service Station

3 Cambridge St, Mitchell

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(07) 4623 1125

Coffee Shop

Great Artesian Spa café

2 Cambridge St Mitchell

(07) 4624 6923

Coffee Shop

Mitchell Bakery

80 Cambridge St, Mitchell

(07) 4623 1250

Coffee Shop

Mitchell Café

34 Cambridge St, Mitchell

(07) 4523 6149



Mitchell General Hospital

95 Ann St, Mitchell QLD 4465


Mitchell Multi-Purpose Health Service (MPHS)

82 Cambridge St, Mitchell QLD


Mitchell Mini Mart

78 Alice St, Mitchell QLD 4465


Mitchell Pharmacy

88 Cambridge St, Mitchell QLD 4465


Foodworks Mitchell