8 things to do within Roma’s town centre

Whether you’re heading to Roma for work or are planning a family holiday to experience the country hospitality of this town five-hours west of Brisbane, you’ll want a plan to ensure you experience everything the town has to offer.

From a bottle tree measuring over nine-metres-high to a historic church dating back to 1876, Roma is packed with history, heritage and nature to explore, all within its 87 square-kilometre town borders.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve got you covered with eight iconic attractions to put on your Roma itinerary.

1. Roma’s Biggest Bottle Tree

Roma’s biggest bottle tree

Put one of Roma’s most recognisable attractions on the top of your to-do list: the Biggest Bottle Tree.

With a diameter of 9.51m, a height of 6m and a crown of 20m, its famous foliage is not only impressive in size but history too, with its tree branches dating back to the 19th century.

Arrive on foot via the Adungadoo Pathway or park your car at the end of Edwardes Street to see this majestic tree up close.

While it might be tempting to test your arm width against the tree trunk – please be respectful of this treasured tree and stay behind the rope.

2. The Big Rig Oil and Gas Museum

Big Rig Oil and Gas Museum

Discover the history of how Australia’s oil and gas industry originated in Roma, with a guided or self-guided tour through ‘The Oil Patch’ at the Big Rig Oil and Gas Musuem.

Learn about the events that threatened to destroy the Australian oil and gas industry before it even began, unearthing the stories of Australia’s riggers, past and present.

Follow interpretative panels or book the ‘The Night Show Sunset Experience’ to ignite your interest in sabotage, drama and intrigue, told through the eyes of a “Roma Rigger” guide. 

Take a self-guided tour daily or book The Night Show Sunset Experience, running weeknights (April to October) and three-days-a-week (November to March).

3. Roma Saleyards

Roma Saleyards

Did you even go to Roma if you didn’t visit Australia’s largest cattle selling centre? We think not.

With a new state-of-the-art interpretive centre open daily – you can learn about the development of the local cattle industry regardless of your travel schedule.

If you want to experience a cattle sale in full swing, plan your visit for a Tuesday morning to get amongst the action from the walkways on top of the pens during a tour. 

4. The Avenue of Heroes

Roma’s Avenue of Heroes

Pay tribute to the servicemen and servicewomen who served during the First World War along Avenue of Heroes.

Located along Wyndham Street, the 140 bottle trees planted on both sides of the street are dedicated to each Roma local who didn’t return from war. 

Reflect on the historical significance of the bottle trees, as you read the names on the plaques planted next to each tree along the heritage-listed avenue. 

5. Windows of St Paul’s Anglican Church

St Paul’s Anglican Church

Admire the 11 leadlight and 39 stain-glass windows with a visit to St Paul’s Anglican Church.

Packed with history, the oldest windows date back to 1876 when the first building was built before new construction took place in 1913.

As a working church, the 567 pipe organ that takes pride-of-place is still in operation today. 

While guided tours of the church only operate on Tuesdays (April to October), the beauty of the windows can be admired and appreciated from the outside.

6. Adungadoo Pathway

Adungadoo Pathway

Explore one of Roma’s natural attractions with a dose of daily exercise, the Adungadoo Pathway.

Step-it-out along the two-kilometre concrete pathway hugging Bungil Creek from the Big Rig to Apex Park.

The area was first mapped out in 1847 by one of Roma’s first white settlers and was guided by the Aboriginal community who had names for each of the creek sections.

Enjoy the shade of the ancient river gums that line the trail as you keep your eyes and ears alert for local birdlife which calls Bungil Creek home.

If you’re feeling energetic, muscle up at the exercise equipment stations along the way or turn up the tempo on the walk and set out for a jog along the shady lagoon.

7. Tour Roma with BooBook Ecotours

BooBook Ecotours

Want to hear stories of Roma’s colourful characters as you tour the town’s major attractions?

Join BooBook Ecotours to hear stories of past and present heroes, visiting Avenue of Heroes, the Biggest Bottle Tree, Roma Bush Gardens and stain-glass windows of St Paul’s Cathedral. 

If you prefer to surround yourself in local flora and fauna, book the Wildflower Wander tour, to explore over 200 species of plants at the crest of the Great Dividing Range.

8. Up The Creek Garage

Up The Creek Garage

Get under the bonnet of the Aussie car industry at Up The Creek Garage.

The working garage and museum is home to classic cars, rusty relics as well as both left-hand drive and right-hand drive cars.

Animal lovers will also enjoy a visit to Up The Creek, which is home to two Texan Longhorns – Jack and Tex.

Allow enough time to have a yarn to the owners – Robert and Edith – and ask them about their road trip adventures.

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