Art lovers guide to the Roma region

When you venture into Outback Queensland you can rest assured nature will spoil your senses with a medley of colour, shape and texture.

But Mother Nature isn’t the only canvas you’ll find in Outback Queensland. 

For those who enjoy ambling their way through art galleries, all the towns in the Roma region prove outback scenery remains a timeless muse.   

Planning a trip to the region and wouldn’t mind taking in some art whilst you’re at it? Add these must-do art attractions to your next Roma visit.

1. Roma on Bungil Gallery & Walk of Art

If not for the passion and dedication of some art-minded town residents, the Roma on Bungil Gallery and Walk of Art installation might not even exist. It took nineteen years of fundraising to launch the Roma on Bungil Gallery & Walk of Art.

You’ll find two spaces within the walls of the Roma Community Arts Centre and although they flow into one another, they are separate to allow for changing displays and exhibitions.

Local, state and national artists are showcased in this spacious and modern setting, rivalling art spaces found in much bigger towns. 

Impetus is placed on engaging with students and school children in the area and adults are welcomed with free admission.     

2. Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery

Finding buildings that fully embrace their history is part of the charm of regional Queensland.  

Being a picture house for the best part of 70 years, and surviving a fire along the way, the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery building bursts with history from every surface.

With touring exhibitions, the real emphasis here is on community produced art. 

At the same time, visitors are given a chance to be involved in various art workshops which run throughout the calendar year – don’t forget to add a paintbrush to your Mitchell packing essentials.

3. Surat on Balonne Gallery

The Cobb & Co. Changing Station in the town of Surat is a bona fide piece of Queensland history — the perfect place for the Surat on Balonne Gallery to call home. 

You might be forgiven for being distracted by the 25,000L freshwater aquarium, or the fully preserved goldrush era replica coach housed in the very same building – but the gallery here is very much worthy of your attention.

Featuring a plethora of well-known local artists and holding a yearly photography competition, this regional gallery cleverly fuses the pioneering spirit of yesteryear with modern artistic expression.  

4. Injune Creek Gallery

For a town with shy of 500 residents, Injune has an arts scene that belies its size. 

Spearheaded by the town’s enthusiastic arts group, the construction of the Injune Creek Gallery art space was only completed in 2015. 

The space may be small but the exhibition calendar more than makes up for this, with featured artists from all around the country.

5. Roma Three-Dimensional Mural

If you’re the type of person who likes their senses indulged, pay a visit to the Roma Three-Dimensional Mural.

Located in the Roma Cultural Centre, this 18 square metre mural depicts 17 different local elements and is made up of 175 clay tiles. 

The real draw card is the audio and moving light presentation, which gives a spectator a succinct summary of the town’s culture and history.

6. Basset Park Mural

How does a 100-metre length piece of local art sound? Like something you have to see! 

The mural has been deftly executed so as you walk, cycle or drive its length, the locale inspired imagery begins from a bright sunrise at one end through to a darkening sunset at the other. 

This super-sized piece of art is located on the outskirts of Roma on the roadside by the airport. 

Should you fly in, you’ll be treated to a diversity of Maranoa culture before you even set foot in the town.

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